Homes for Sale in Greater Northdale FL


Greater Northdale is located in Hillsborough County Florida. Nearby neighborhoods to this area include Carrollwood Meadows, Carrollwood Springs, and Carrollwood Village Phase III residential neighborhoods. Others are Country Place, Lake Shore Estates of Hillsborough, Middle Lake, Northdale and Northdale - Golf Course, Blossom Creek and the Arbors at Carrollwood. 

Some of the main attractions located in the Greater Northdale areas include Landmark Plaza, Westfield Mall, Northdale Golf Club, and much more.

The Greater Northdale Area Tampa FL has a wide variety of medical centers that serve the area and they include four home health centers, one nursing home, and two dialysis facilities.  

Colleges and Universities that have received excellent ratings and reviews are located close to the Greater Northdale area.

  • University of South Florida- The Main Campus 
  • Strayer University of Florida 
  • The University of Tampa, FL 
  • Hillsborough Community College
  • Pasco-Hernando Community College 


Major events take place in the area all throughout the year and some of these events include concerts, street fairs, garage sales, community meetings, and more. There are many beaches, private beaches, parks, picnic areas for families to enjoy nearby. Other entertainment the locals enjoy here are visiting the movie theaters, spas, speed-ball courts, fitness centers, visiting Tampa Bay, playgrounds for children, resorts, golf courses, country clubs and more. 

This is an area known for booming business which makes it an excellent place for starting a new business or relocating one. There are professional moving services in the area to welcome newcomers and take the stress out of relocating. 

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Homes for Sale in Greater Northdale FL